Travel Alone –A Whole New Fun & Adventurous Experience.

Have you ever experienced solo travel? I am quite sure that many of us have definitely gone through this exciting experience in their lives, but those who haven’t should at least give it a try.

From the beginning, when I decided to travel within my country. I was quite hesitant because it was my first solo travel out of city. There were also some fears in my mind like homesickness, running out of money, whether I will be able to handle an unwanted situation and so on. I am a bit of an introvert; a bit passive when it comes to social interaction.

Despite all the fears hovering around my head, I had firm belief on one simple thing, which was: traveling within the city, country or abroad, the time we spend walking on the roads is in fact a process of experiential learning. The experience of walking is undoubtedly more adventurous as compared to other means of commute when it comes to travel. I just carried the notion of travelling on foot as means to learn more about myself and got a fruitful surprise.



Travel Alone Make Your Mind Free.

While travelling all alone, you don’t have to compromise. There is no need to please your friend or anyone for anything. For example, you are in a mood to walk in a jungle with some music then you don’t have to be bothered about your colleague whining over mosquito bites or the humid weather; instead, you can feel free from all the reservations and go where ever and however you want. You have the freedom to make decisions solely to please yourself.

Distance Brings You Close To The Peoples.


Heading speaks for itself. As we all know that if anyone of us is working far away from their family, relatives and friends. The moment we return home from some vacation, the happiness, the love, the passion we feel between ourselves and family is priceless. Therefore, distance for a certain period of time can actually bring you close to the people you feel are an important part of your life.

Everyone Is Not So Important.

A toxic relationship either with relatives, friends or colleagues is often quite difficult to identify while you are living or working with them because you don’t have time to think all that, but when you travel solo you go through that process of realization as you feel that peace of not having that person with you on a trip or in a certain situation you encounter while you travel alone. Sometimes distance can also make you realize that many people in your life, you think are important are actually not that much important as you think they are, they are nothing but just a bad influence.

You Become Much More Creative While Travel Solo.


Just imagine that we are travelling and we don’t have any access to Wi-Fi or any other source of internet connectivity. The time you used to spend in your virtual world is now being spent appreciating nature. This would make you see everything in a more expressive way.

Interacting With The Locals.


Travelers are always curious to know about the place, culture, life style and of course the food. Whatever the destination will be the best source to know all about that place is to connect with the locals. Luckily, if you get the chance to live with a family there is a lot to learn from them like, how they communicate with each other, their language, you can ask questions about their culture, observe their cultural values and practices, the traditional cuisine and so on. Living like a local you get the opportunity to gain insights about the whole community.

Anonymous Travel Can Be A Road To Self Discovery.

When we on any trip with friends or with any group, most of the time we stick with them and don’t often get the chance to meet the other travelers, but being a solo traveler you have enough chance to meet the other travelers and share the desire to see this beautiful world. Maybe after leaving the destination you might never see each other again, but for a day or a week you had a friend. Anonymous travel is a great source of mingling with other travelers and sharing wonderful experiences.

Sometimes May Feel Scary But It Builds Confidence In You.


Unknown place, new people, new language, unknown custom may feel scary but once you reach your desired destination and when you realize that, whatever you want to do you have to do it on your own, like find yourself a reasonable hotel, get to know the streets, how to get involved with the locals, language problem etc. Once you complete all these tasks on your own, you feel a kind of soaring built in your confidence. Solo travel will also help you to learn skills like decision making & management. So go solo get the hack out of your comfort zone & go wild, like cook yourself, dance, go hiking, enjoy the sunset , talk to strangers and just emancipate the adventurer in you.

Don’t Let Your Fear Overcome You.

It’s OK to be afraid on your first solo travel. It can be natural for some individuals. However you should never allows your fear to overcome whatever you want in your life. This world is filled with so much of beauty to explore. You will meet some interesting people and travelers like yourself and above all you will gain an unconditional confidence.

Thinking Will Not Overcome Fear But Action Will – W. Clement Stone


What We Rarely Get Today Is The Time We Spend Alone.

With Wi-Fi and other sources we are connected to the world 24/7. In today’s era we are surrounded with lots of electronic devices which are obviously necessary in today’s world, but finding leisure in this virtual world deprives us from appreciating nature and its benefits. Solo takes us closer to the nature and travelers who travel alone know that if solitude is a struggle, they know how to benefit from it.

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