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Mumbai/Bombay Tourist Attractions & Sightseeing

Tourism is the world’s biggest employer and rakes in foreign exchange by the millions. Tourism as an industry is gradually increasing in importance at a wild pace since the last couple of years, throughout the globe. With the shrinking down of the world into a small village, it has become much easier to travel abroad and interact with different people at different places. All of this would not have been possible without the technological strides in transportation which contributed largely in making tourism an important industry. Lets take a look at Mumbai city:

The Chowpatty Beach

The Chowpatty Beach in Mumbai, India

However, once it comes down to a specific city, and if that city is Mumbai then, it is an entirely different story. Though Bombay can feel congested and full of people, there are a lot of memorable moments to be found here. Nibble a paper cone of bhelpuri while you are lazing around the sands of Chowpatty Beach.

The Famous Gateway of India

The Famous Gateway of India

Mumbai is a city filled with different tourist attractions and a lot of different places to visit, including, foremost the Gateway of India; One of the most unique sites that is a landmark of the city and also the country. The Gateway of India came into reality in the year 1924 at the time of the British Raj to commemorate the arrival of King George V, and Queen Mary to Bombay. The framework tags the area as one of India’s main ports which formally show elements of British magnificence.

Enjoy Sunset at Juhu Beach in Mumbai

Sunset at Juhu Beach, Mumbai, India

Then we have the Juhu Beach; tourists from all over the world love the beach especially its vast stretches of silver sand & blue waters, as well as for its gastronomic delights; stalls that provide dishes of lip-smacking street meal. The beach is most jam-packed all along the weekends. Here people can also enjoy horse and camel rides.

The Famous Film City of Bollywood

Mumbai Film City

Another major tourist attraction is the Film City in Goregaon, Mumbai; The Film city is one of the most visited tourist attractions of Mumbai, making it one of the most coveted tourist places in Bombay. Fully-furnished with a collection of studios that house unreal mountains, lakes, gardens, cities and villages, it is sometimes very difficult to differentiate reality from fiction.

Other Tourist Attraction Places

Siddhivinayak Temple, Mumbai, India

Other than the above, there are lots of other places in Mumbai, which on one side offer a peak into the history of the great city, as well as cater to the tastes of the less historically inclined tourists. The Siddhivinayak Temple, Sanjay Gandhi National Park /  Borivali National Park, the remains of Fort St, George, Worli Seaface, and Karnala fort, are part of this category.

The  travel and tourism industry in Mumbai has given a boost to the Indian  economy by contributing Rs. 631.6 billion to the Indian exchequer and also by creating 35 million more jobs, this contribution is expected to grow by 7.3%  this year. This additional income has contributed towards the improvement in infrastructure of this industry. Secondly, it has also bought in some major social changes in the thinking of the local people. It has become a source of pride for local communities, and allows them to look at their history, and cultural heritage and develop their own community identity.

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