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The Outstanding Historical Taj Mahal – Agra – India

Taj Mahal The Symbol of Love

If we go back, we see that love creates the history and some monuments are the sign of the Eternal Love. If I not mentioned here the name of the historic piece of art and the eye catching of millions lovers. I guess, I will not justify the word Love and that is the one of its own The Great Taj Mahal.

Outside View

 We all reed so much of this great art but always curious to know some more sides of Taj Mahal. Whenever or wherever love recalls. The very first thing which click in our minds is about this beautiful monument called Taj Mahal. This monument is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and peoples around the entire world comes to see this un-believable art which created by human hands.

Taj Mahal, is basically the eternal signature of love & passion, for the past many years the peoples from different aspects try to portray the picture of Taj Mahal in different ways, like poets / artists / musician etc.

River View

Now, let’s see how I will portray the background of this monument, If we look back every story takes a start something like, once upon a time………..

This is a story which starts like, that there is a boy who is 15 years of age and his name was Prince Khurram he was a son of Emperor Jahangir, he falls in love with a Princess names Mumtaz but the story line is that they both haven’t seen each other for 5 years not a single time and finally they get married in 1612.

Interior Architecture and Design

In the year 1628, Prince Khurram became the fifth Mughal Emperor and giving his name as Shahjahan, his emperor period was 1628 till 1658. His beloved wife died in 1631 at the age of 39. Shahjahan, loves his wife so much and after her death for next 2 years the whole empire was in great dilemma. That 2 years was so dark and quite and emperor was completely depressed and castle was like a ghost house.

Now, this is what The True Love, after the death of Princess Mumtaz, in next 2 years there is no such kind of music not even any entertainment activity held in the whole empire, In the great memory of Late Princess Mumtaz, Shahjahan was plan to build a monument but a kind of unique and one in the whole, just because he want that monument become the symbol of his and her princess love.

Construction – 1631AD

For the making of this beautiful monument, as per statistics roundabout 20 thousand peoples working at that time in Taj Mahal construction and after a long hard worked of 22 years this beautiful monument finally build in 1653 century. The materials brought from 300 km away by elephants, the precious stones were brought from Baghdad, China, Afghanistan, Tibet, Egypt, Persia, Yamen, Russia, and Ceylon to the decoration inside and outside of this marvelous monument. The architecture combines the Indu Tradition with Persian-Muslim.

People from everywhere came to see Taj Mahal, because of his unique and expensive architecture work which mostly design like an Arabic style and the art working which made with priceless stones. There is no loop hole left in the making of Taj Mahal.

Some peoples says, that Shahjahan wants to build his own monument on the second side of the river which will quite more expensive than Taj Mahal because it will be built by the black marbles which is more expensive but unfortunately Shahjahan, wish not comes true he died and buried in Taj Mahal.

Saying that, the period of Shahjahan, is the golden age of Mughal architecture. Shahjahan, made many other monuments but his best is Taj Mahal in 1632 – 1653 for his love and his beloved Wife Mumtaz Mahal.

Taj Mahal – Shahjahan & Mumtaz Grave



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