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Eiffel Tower – A Beautiful Masterpiece

Eiffel Tower- An Iconic Structure And Identity Of Paris

Eiffel Tower is the identity of Paris, France. This was completed by King Alexander in the year 31st March 1889. This structure is made of wrought iron. In the beginning Eiffel Tower, is build only for the 20 years time period and it will demolish in the year 1909.


The reason behind is the people of Paris because, the peoples of this city is the beautiful combination of art and culture. They are marvelous painters as they put life in blank canvas with colors and the truly beauty lover. So, when this horrible piece of iron structure which we recognized as (Eiffel Tower) today built. The people of Paris annoyed and protest against this and demand to demolish this structure because that is not something their expectation.

The management of Paris can’t hold the protest they finally decided to demolish the (Eiffel Tower) after the completion of its time period which is 20 years.  After 20 years, in the year 1890’s the technology of radio was developed one of the best invention. Now all they need is a higher building to catch the signals of radio.


At that time Eiffel Tower is the only option they have to get the signals in the whole Paris. So, the proposal comes out and the management takes the decision to use Eiffel Tower as a radio tower in the year 1901 and put the radio booster on the Eiffel Tower and later on this radio booster becoming the identity of this Tower. Quite interesting, one small radio booster save this huge iron structure for demolished.

Amazing nah, peoples who don’t want to accept this piece of junk at the time when it’s built but, today Eiffel Tower is one of the known identities of Paris. Any traveler around the world, who enters in the Paris city, cannot satisfy their journey until they visit Eiffel Tower.


Eiffel Tower, weight approximately 10000 ton and almost a height of 324 meter. As per saying that Eiffel Tower highest peak place is one of the world most expensive places, if ever the French government announces to sale that specific place, it will be the most expensive auction in the entire history of Paris.

If you ever went at the peak of this tower, you will surely surprise that there you found a small washroom and the interesting thing I observed is, that on this huge tower which is 324 meter in a height, with the help of huge pipelines they take the water from ground to the top of the peak. Amazing fact, I heard that the management spends about 2 Hundred Thousand Euro each year for this thing.


As per the statistics, round about 100000 tourists daily visited this wonder of the world, they stands in the queue hours to get the ticket and then slowly went at the peak of this tower, from where they see the beautiful amazing view of Paris.

In France, no doubt that if in Paris, this amazing monument never built then might be the ratio of the tourists or tourism will not as much as now has because of the (Eiffel Tower), neither this city is famous as we all known as now.


The culture of Paris, France is quite old and I will talk about it later about the “France Revolution” and all that but, let’s talking about something different. So, what I am saying is that because of the old culture, Paris meets all the modern facilities of basic lifestyles, like the pattern of their railway stations / web of roads / high-rise buildings. Paris is also known as the “City of Lights”.


Interesting Facts (Eiffel Tower – Paris)

  • After the completion in 1889. This monument painted 18 times and each time 60 tons of paint.
  • If you think to paint this monument with pure gold. An estimated cost will be 100 trillion dollar.
  • Guy de Maupassant, a person who hated “Eiffel Tower” this much that every time he eats his lunch in “Eiffel Tower” base, because that is the only place in Paris from where he can’t see tower itself.
  • Almost 20000 light bulbs on the “Eiffel Tower”.
  • French, cuts the “Eiffel Tower” lift cables during the world war 2, because they wants to see Hitler, climbs the 1665 steps, if he wanted to top of the “Eiffel Tower”.
  • One of the Con Artist Victor Lustig sells the “Eiffel Tower” to a metal scrap dealer because hated that much.
  • This monument originally intended for Barcelona, Spain. Unfortunately, the project was rejected.
  • A shocking fact is that too that, a guy Franz Reichelt was passed away jumps from the tower while he was testing his own designed parachute.
  • If you want to weight the paint of the “Eiffel Tower”. It is about the weight of 10 elephants.
  • A genius man Mr. Gustave Eiffel, who designed this beautiful monument also the designed one of the beautiful “Statue of Liberty Spine”.
  • As per the statistics yearly 4 peoples commit suicide from the “Eiffel Tower”. After an opening about 400 but only 2 survived.
  • The French Open, a grand slam tennis event also held in Paris, every year.

The Construction – (Eiffel Tower – Paris)

  • This amazing monument construction was completed in a period of 2 years and 2 months.
  • Along with the top the whole assembling was completed on 31st of March 1889.

 A Few Figures – (Eiffel Tower – Paris)

  • 50 Engineers & Designers took the part in the making of this beautiful piece of structure.
  • An approximately 160 – 300 workers was busy at the construction land.
  • In the Levallois Perret factory, almost 150 workers.
  • As per the statistics round about 18030 metallic parts used in this construction.
  • The weight of the iron which used in this tower is almost 7,200 tones.
  • 2,450,000 Rivets.
  • The number of lifts is 5.

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