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Colombo – The City of Port & The Gateway of Sri Lanka

Colombo – The Largest City Of Sri Lanka

Colombo is the business capital and biggest city of Sri Lanka. As per the Brooking Institution, Colombo population of 5.6 million metropolitan area about 752,993 in the City. It is the financial focus of the island and an average vacationer destination. It is situated on the west shore of the island and neighboring Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte, is the administrative capital of Sri Lanka. Colombo is regularly pointed to as the capital since Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte is inside the urban range of, and a satellite city of Colombo.


It is additionally the managerial capital of Western Province, Sri Lanka and the local capital of Colombo District. Colombo is an occupied and energetic spot with a blend of cutting edge life and provincial structures and destroys. It was the administrative capital of Sri Lanka until 1982.

Perfect Places for Tourists

Mount Lavinia

A rural area found towards the south of Colombo and is well better knowing for the “Brilliant Mile” of shoreline & a Hotel Mount Lavinia. It is a bright spot to undo and appreciate your fast business outing to Colombo or amid your visit to Sri Lanka. The mount shoreline is a shallow shoreline, adored by everyone who might want to lie in the sun, undo or take a jump when it gets extremely hot.


There are numerous decent lodgings, cabanas and eateries on the shoreline where you can appreciate nearby or outside dishes of your decision and listen to music and in case you’re in a state of mind to gathering, you can simply discover a shoreline party the weekends. To the mariners of the nineteenth century, Mount Lavinia emerged like the outline of a pregnant vixen along the Southern coastline.

Independence Commemoration Hall

Situated on Independence Square (formally Torrington Square) in Cinnamon Gardens, is a national landmark in Sri Lanka. This was manufactured long after freedom was picked up from the British belief on February 4, 1948. The structure is made of cement, and bear segments like what is found in old Sri Lankan engineering and it was intended to look like a Kandy a gathering of people lobby.


The columns of stone lions that watch this incredible landmark are an extraordinary element of this Commemoration Hall. This is likewise a great bit of craftsmanship that obviously indicates the ancient engineering and the explained stone carvings and painting found at the dedication lobby are essentially amazing.

Gangaramaya Buddhist

The temple is a lovely and lively temple with a history that goes back Gangaramaya Buddhist temple is a beautiful and colorful temple with a history that dates back over 2,000 years. This temple built in the 19th century by a trader and ship owner named Don Bastion, who had played a leading role in bringing back Buddhism. Located beside a Holy Bo Tree on the waters of Beira Lake, a bridge of wooden is the only access to the temple. As per the historical records, the Lord Buddha is reputed to have preached under this Bo tree which is considered as a sapling of the Sri Maha Bodhi and is over 100 years old.


This Temple is famous for its impressive buildings, and is complete with a chaitya, boo tree, image house, Simamalaka, relic chamber containing the relics of the Buddha and Arahant Seevali, museum, library, pirivena, and residential, education and alms halls. This temple was said to have been inherent the nineteenth century by a dealer and boat proprietor named Don Bastion, who had assumed a main part in restoring Buddhism.


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