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Antarctica – Beauty With Difference

Antarctica is one of the most beautiful continent of the world. I believe, if anyone sees the beauty of this continent definitely feels some kind of a magic in life, a feeling which never defines in word.


Antarctica is one of the coldest places of the world and almost a whole year this continent surrounds with the snow. Mr. Roald Amundsen and one of his colleagues Mr. Robert Falcon Scott, first discover this GOD gifted beautiful continent in the year 1941. As per the statistics the area of this continent is about 14,000,000 square kilo meter and almost 1.582 million square meters is surrounds with the thick ice. This continent is best known for its air storms and because of that, the travel and any other activities almost next to impossible in the winter season of Antarctica.

A Chinese Antarctic Experts, team suggests the area a name called The Great Wall Bay and the reason because the snow of this area never melts.


There are some major factors which make Antarctica the coldest place in the world.  There must be many more reasons surely behind, what makes Antarctica, the coolest destination. One of few basic points mentioned here.

  • This continent surrounding by the ocean that means the inner area does not gets the benefits from influence of water.
  • The sun light reflects in this continent rather than absorbing because almost 98% of Antarctica covered with the snow.
  • In the season of winter the size becomes double of this continent than its actual size and the reason the water freezes.
  • As per the survey, the winds speed of this region least 100 meter / second and just because when these winds hit the mountains and stones, it gives a look which is incredibly beautiful.
  • Most part of this continent surrounds with the snow. The season of the snow fall in this region is in autumn and winter but, in summer it starts to melts in an extremely slow process.



For Penguins, The most difficult thing for this species is the migration from one place to another just because they get tired very easily and quick. Antarctica is the best place for their living because when they feel tired they start crawling with their tummy on ice, Cool 🙂



One of the very beautiful seabird, which almost look alike with a pigeon and this is the beauty which you never find anywhere else except Antarctica.



This is very aggressive kind of species and the open enemy of penguins by nature, which is also the gift of this continent. Skua, is round about 7 meter in the length and his wings is very powerful and strong which is very shinny with black and blue colors.



Lichen, is the very oldest plant which is mostly discovered in this continent and this consider the most slowest plant on the earth because, its growth just 1 meter as per 100 years.


The extremely most beautiful view of Antarctica, the windy nights because in the night the snow also includes in the winds which takes a breath away.


  • Antarctica holds 69% fresh and clean water of the whole world.
  • Still there are some parts in this continent, where for the last 2 million years no snow or rain fall have had.
  • As per the statistics about 29 million penguins living in this continent.
  • Its also considered as a desert because of no rain for the last many years.
  • No one’s own Antarctica.
  • The temperature of this continent is recorded which reached almost 89 degrees.

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